Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm back with a little haul and a tiny giveaway!

Makeup Haul

So much for trying to post weekly!!! I truly do not know how bloggers do this frequently, it's a lot of work - so hats of to them.!!!!! Mostly it's just me being lazy when I get home from work, and then doing other errands and things on the weekend. 

In any event, I did two months of NO SHOPPING! Believe it or not it was nice not buying makeup that I truly do not need, and seeing that extra bit of money in my account has been nice as well. So I decided to do some shopping in May  - nothing crazy but just for a few things. 

I wanted to try the Cover Girl luminous foundation - i bought a color to light for my skin tone.  (duh) But I decided to keep it anyways because I figured I have the COVER FX drops I can make it darker.....

One of things that I noticed was that the foundation was clinging to my dry patches, not something I would expect from a Luminous foundation. It did look great from far away but when I looked closely I didn't care for what i was seeing. I'm going to try to use it without the COVER FX drops and see if that makes a difference. 

Well here is a pic of all the goodies I picked up these past two - three weeks. Hautelook had a sale on the Balm products. Not pictured is The Balm eye makeup remover it was $10.00 (normally $19.99) I picked up a couple of blushes and their double ended brush. From Ulta I picked up some Urban Decay concealer (not sure how I feel about it yet only used it once) I also picked up the Rapture blush and the Raputre sheer lipstick (I have the regular Rapture lipstick). The blush I must say is very pretty, it gave my cheeks a nice "glow". I picked Loracs alter ego lip gloss in CEO. I have the lipstick and figured it would be nice to pair them up. Haven't tried the Bare Minerals mineral foundation yet, but I've heard good things.  

Now for the GIVEAWAY! 

I have a few things - that I have collected from my Ipsy bags or from samples received. I haven't used any of the items. I have already given some away to family and friends so I figured what better way than to have a giveaway to someone who wants to try new things. 

it's not that big but it's a little something:

To be entered you need to leave a comment telling me what type of makeup junkie you are. I'm a blush junkie! No matter how many I have I just want more! 

If you want to be entered twice all you need to do is subscribe and leave a comment and I will enter your name twice!! 

Make sure you leave a way to contact you. I will announce the winner on Friday May 29th, 2015.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Makeup Haul, Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens

Happy Hump Day!!!!! Kudos to me for posting twice in one week!!!!

Well this past weekend I did some shopping, I’m grateful that I have a fulltime job that allows me to shop. What I do to try and control the amount I spend, is give myself a shopping allowance every paycheck. Once I exhaust those funds I’m done. From this allowance I buy things that are NOT necessities (makeup, my craft supplies, purses, books, you get the idea). This helps me stay on budge with the household expenses and bills that I’m responsible for. I also feel less guilty about spending when I know everything else is taken care of. 

Well enough about that --- let’s get to the good stuff. These items were purchased either at Walmart, Kmart, or Walgreens. I use coupons whenever possible, every bit helps my funds.

At Kmart I was able to get this L.A. COLORS Chunky Lip pencil set. For $4.99 you get 6 lippies, not a bad deal it averages out $0.84 cents a lippie (not including tax). I did swatch them – they felt creamy on my arm but when I applied to my bare lips –sort of dry. I’m thinking it’s because they are suppose to be matte colors?? For me won’t be too much of an issue since I usually put on lip balm when I start my makeup routine. Sadly not all of the colors work well with my skin tone – (I did not swatch all of them on my lips only on my arm) I want to give the ones that I know don’t work well with my skin tone (well at least for my liking- some people can rock this) away. Of course I will be cleaning and sterilizing the lippies that I swatched on my arm. Do I have any takers?

I also picked up some Jordana lipsticks – I don’t think these are new – but I can tell you my favorite of the lot is called Grape. Then I picked up some NYC lip lacquers – very pigmented and inexpensive. They have a sticker that says “new” and I haven’t seen them anywhere else. So I’m gonna go out on a limb and say they are new.

At Walmart I was able to find a new Real Technique brush – sculpting brush. I believe Ipsy had a special for like $13.00 you got the set that includes this sculpting brush and a concealer brush. I missed out on that one – so I was happy to find it at Walmart – the price was $9.49 or something like that.

I bought two different foundations – the Cover Girl CC cream from the Queen collection – I’m going to see how this works for me. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn orange on me. I must say it does smell really nice. The fragrance is like flowery perfume, don’t know how that will wear on the face but I will let you know.

Alright, that about sums it up. AS you can see I bought a ton of lipsticks, would anyone want to see swatches on those? I’m sure plenty of others have already done the swatches but just in case your interested.

Remember let me know if you are all interested in a little giveaway for the L.A. COLORS Lip pencils (not all of the colors just maybe two or three).  

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ipsy bag - January 2015

Hello lovelies, Happy Monday! I’m working on keeping to my goal of posting once a week. This week I’ll actually have two post – the next one will be on Wednesday.

So for today – I wanted to share what I received in my January Ipsy bag. I use to have Birchbox as well, but decided to take a little break from that subscription.

Here is what I received:

I’m excited to try out the brush they sent, and the Pacifica eye shadow. I’ve already tried the lip balm they sent – not bad but I don’t enjoy the taste it leaves behind. Overall it was a pretty good bag. I have so many of those bags now – I have no idea what to use them for. Any suggestions out there? I’m thinking of maybe doing little giveaways, fill the bag up with little goodies…what do you all think?

Thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Urban Decay Oz Great Powerful Pallet

Hello beauties, Happy Friday!!! 

So one of  my goals for this year is to use my eye shadow pallets more often. I have a day time job and although I wear makeup daily – I don’t take the time to do my eyes. Really in the morning I’m trying everything possible to get a few more minutes of shut eye. Being that I’m “investing” in these eye shadow pallets” I need to start using them more often and not just when I have a special occasion or going out… Honestly I don't go out that often, I'm more of a home body, therefore I don't get much use out of my eye shadows. 

So this week I’ve been using the Urban Decay Oz Great Powerful pallet - The Theodora Palette (I have both the pallets that came out) the colors are so pretty. Of course because I’m using it for work I am mostly using the colors that are neutral. I've been alternating between Beware and Bewitch, both our netural brown colors. 

The shadows have good color payoff, I used these colors on my crease, and then on my lid I used the Too Faced Shadow insurance in Champagne. It works very well for me, keeps it simple and not too - glittery/shimmery. 

I know the Oz Great and Powerful pallets were limited edition, I'm sorry for talking about them when you can't get them. But this is what i'm using this week, so just wanted to share.

First up is Beware

Here we have Bewitch

These are swatches:

AND....I thought I would torture you all with my mug shot! Not a very good shot of the shadow...but I have on Bewitch

Well that's all for now, tomorrow I will have a post up on my Ipsy bag. 

Thank you for stopping by! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year - new goals

Hello Beauties!! Happy New Year! As we start the new year, I’ve made some blogging goals. Clearly I haven’t been very consistent on this blog, one of my goals this year is to post at least three times a month. I’ll work my way to maybe one post per week, but to keep it realistic and reachable I’m making my goal doable for me.

I’m not by any means a professional makeup anything. I just love makeup, I love watching tutorials, hauls, organization anything to do with makeup.

I might have little giveaways here and there…so keep checking back for that.

Now on to makeup talk, this might be late in the making but…I took advantage of the Sephora VIB sale, (I’m embarrassed to say I’m a rouge VIB). For the first time I went to the VIB ROUGE event, it was very nice they had drinks, sweets out. They also had little stations setup throughout the store for they were giving tips and tricks. It was a very nice event, I took one of my friends we had a good time. You would think I would have taken lots and lots of PIC…yeah totally forgot (the embarrassing part is I’m a scrapbooker) I took a total of…wait for it……two pictures at the event!

So this a some of the goddies they had out…

This is what I picked up at the event, I did go back after but didn’t get a whole lot more. Although truly I didn't need to pick up anything either times I went. I have yet to try the BECCA Highlight creme..but it's on my list of things to try. Let me know your thoughts on it. 

Well that's all for now. I'm brainstorming what my next post should be about....any thoughts??? 

Thank you for stopping by!