Sunday, July 13, 2014

June Favorites

Hello lovelies, I wanted to share some of my most used products in June. I have an office job, so I wear makeup Monday - Friday. I try to give my skin a breather on the weekends, because although I love makeup - I'm not feeling it everyday. I don't wear eyeshadow to work unless it's a big important meeting or something. Since I'm new to wearing makeup - I'm not very fast so putting eye shadow in the mornings would take a long time. 

Anyways, something new that I've added to my skin regime is the Loreal Youth perfecter  It smells heavenly and my skin feels so soft and the makeup applies smoothly. It really has made a difference on how my skin looks and feels. I apply it before I put any moisturizer. 

As far as foundation, I don't use them for work, at least not heavy ones. But I do like wearing a BB creme, something light if not I will just use powder. I've been using IT cosmetics CC creme, daily. I love this product, it does not feel heavy on my skin at all and it covers so much. My makeup last so all day basically. I'm in the color TAN.

I love to use my Real Techinques miracle complexion sponge. Now it is a bit denser than the beauty blender but it works just as good if not better. I love the flat top that it has, for some reason this works better for me. 

For concealers I've been using erase paste by benefit in deep. I have medium but it was too bright for my skin. Lucky it was only a small sample that I had bought a bit back. I use my E.L.F concealer to apply it. I just dip the ed of the brush in the pot and boom your good to go. On top of that I add some of my Maybelline age rewind, in Honey. It's my fave for drugstore and easy application. 

I use my Houseglass lighting in DIM as a sort of setting powder- these are really good.

For blushes I've been using the Clinique cheek pop in 03 - berry pop. It does not have any glitter or shimmer, it is a very pretty color. I alternated between this color and the Tarte amazonian clay 12-hour blush - in captivating!!! It's a warm peach color. As you can probably see from my pic, my skin is a bit tanned. I didn't think this color would show on me very nicely or at all. But it does, and it's so nice for a glowy look for the summer time. Very glad I picked it up. 

For lipsticks one of my all time faves is the Too Faced La creme lipstick in Teddy Berry- this is my 2nd one. I use it all the time, it's described as a dusty rose color. 

The last thing I do before I leave is apply a little bit of the Mally poreless face defender. It really does take away the greasy look on your nose. It also last a long time. - I guess I should review how long it really does last. 

Links to the items: Remember if you have signed up for the ebates, go to their website first, login and then click on the links to either sephora or ultra or search for any store you want to purchase from. That way you can get money back for your purchase!!!!

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Sephora Haul

Hi there beauties, 

So....did a "little" bit of online shopping. Normally I like going into the store, but i'm trying out ebates. Everyone talks about it and I figured if I can make a little money from my purchases why not try it out. I did two separate orders, one through ebates and one through ibotta. Ibotta is another way to make money, if you buy anything that is on their list, you get money put into your account.  I know for sure Ibotta works because I already got money put into my paypal. 

Here are referral links if you want to try them out. 

For ibotta you can download the app - then register and use code vbxg3q if you would like. 

These are the items I bought. Sorry for the lighting, it was in my room and at night. 

Anyways, enough about that. I placed two orders and because of that I was able to use two different codes, I used one to try the "they're real benefit eyeliner" and then I picked a blue sephora eyeliner. I'm hoping I like the smashbox contour kit.

 I also got the Tarte slenderizer brush it's double ended. I don't contour heavily but I like to learn new things. 

I also picked up two Sugar lip balms one is the lip conditioner, and the other one is a new color only at Sephora (not sure if that's forever or not) Tulip is the color, very pretty and bright-pink. 

I also picked up the Tarte Rainforest after dark pallet. So pretty and I love the blush. 

Well that's all folks, are there any good makeup blogs that any of you can recommend, I like learning makeup tips from actual gurus. Me I just like to talk about it and share. 

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Target and CVS Haul

So this past weekend I did a "little" bit of shopping. I think we all know the meaning of "little", anyways I wanted to try out some products, and then maybe do a little review on them. What do you think, would you be interested in a review? 

Nope I didn't need these products but what can I say--they called to me. 

I wanted to try the CoverGirl + Olay facelift effect firming makeup foundation and the concealer as well. Also at Target I picked up Loreal Visible lift blush in Soft berry. I'm nervous because I'm not experienced when it comes to applying creme or liquid blush. From Loreal I also picked up the New infallible silky pencil eyeliner in #230 Highlighter. I also picked up the Maybelline mascara - Pumped UP Colossal - classic black in waterproof. I also wanted to try the Loreal youth code dark spot corrector, let us hope it works!

I also stopped at CVS and picked up some Milani lipsticks and a NYX blush. The blush looks a little scary to's orange looking. I picked it up because I've seen how sometimes the color doesn't come out as scary when you actually put it on. Let's hope and see what comes of it. This is a swatch on my arm. (not very good I know) NYX - Cinnamon PB08

The Milani lipsticks - I love the way these lipsticks smell and taste. I know we don't eat them but - let's be real we do taste them whether we want to or not. These are the three colors I picked. (PS- I used my CVS coupon I got $3.00 off) 

Well --I also did a bit of online shopping at Sephora, I can share that as well if you would like. I love looking at hauls, specially on youtube. I just love to see what other people find and it gives me an idea of what to try and what NOT to try. 

Well my Chicadees until next time, I'm trying to get my June faves ready - hoping it will be done by Wed this week.