Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lorac Lipstick

Well hello lovely chicadees! Wanted to give you all my thoughts on the LORAC Alter Ego Highly Pigmented Cream Lipstick. (wow what a mouthful). All though they have amazing colors - I'm not that brave to try some of those beautiful bright colors. So I normally pick colors I can wear everyday (like to work). I got the color CEO #1495. 

(disclaimer: I suck at describing colors and scents) 

The color is described as a dusty rose. It is very creamy, and smells ah-mazing! It has a somewhat vanilla scent, very soft and not over powering or anything like that. It is very pigmented - and lasts a decent amount of time. But as with some lipsticks as the day wears on you are left with a ring around your lip line and not much color in the center of your lip. You just need to re-apply but other than that I really like this lipstick. 

The picture below will show you what it looks like on bare lips (no balm on lips). If you have dry/chappy lips you will see the lines.

I got mine at Ulta for $16.00. Not a bad price, considering some of the prices out there. They do have a lot of colors, I believe the most popular one is the Goddess one? I think that is the color the youtube beauty gurus have been going crazy for. I tried it but I felt for me that the color didn't look good on my tone of skin. (Of course my friend was like it looks great, but I wasn't feeling it). When I tried it has a purple tone underneath it, but I felt it washed my skin out. Not sure, maybe with proper makeup it would look better. 

Well thank you for stopping by, and reading my very first beauty blog post. I'm just a makeup lover. I'm not in anyway a professional or an experienced makeup artist at that. I just like to play with makeup and see what comes out.