Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sephora PlayBox is it worth it???

Hey there makeup junkies! For my first post in an extremely long time, I decided to talk about Sephora play box. I was on their waiting list for several months - as I'm sure some of you were/are as well. (I do mean several months). I finally received the email that they had openings. I excitedly joined, and waited for my first box. I want you all to keep in mind these are all my own opinions from my own experiences. If that's the case that is great, because it means you are getting your money's worth. 

For those of you that might not have had a chance to try one of these monthly subscriptions, there are several different type of subscriptions out there. They have different price ranges from $9.99 to $50.00 (or more). You sign up and every month you receive a box with different samples, based on the questions you answered when you signed up. 

I have subscribed to both Birchbox and Ipsy and was extremely satisfied with their service and boxes that they sent. I'm no longer subscribed to Birchbox, only because I decided I had to many monthly subscriptions and needed to cut down. I did prefer Ipsy over Birchbox, which is why I kept them. 

My first box was meh at best. It was the May play box, the samples are just really small. I know what you are thinking...they are suppose to be sample size. But Ipsy sometimes sends full size samples. Not in every box, but you know in some of them. The June play box, had the Becca Backlight Primer (which I had received as a gift with purchase), the Tarteguard sunscreen (again already had with a previous purchase), the Benefits They're real mascara (already have 5 of these), the Bareminerals liquid bronzer. The perfume in every box might be nice for some. But for me personally not so much, as certain scents give me terrible headaches. Most of them are sitting in my little vanity waiting to be given away. At least they will get used by someone else. 

Another factor was the mailing time, my box arrives almost at the end of the month. That just drives me nuts..maybe it's only me. 

My last box the August playbox, was a terrible mess. Not only did it get here really late in the month, it was missing 3 products. So I call Sephora the rep informed me that the products were sold out. They were very nice to refund me my $10.61, since I did not get the complete box I paid for. But then when i said I wanted to cancel my subscription, they did not ask why, if there was a reason I was unhappy. No survey to ask how they can make it better. 

I've called plenty of places to cancel subscriptions, and they ask..why, what can we do to keep you, how can we make it better. Sephora really dropped the ball on that one. 

In any event, for me the $10.61 price was not really worth the samples I was receiving. This is for me personally, I'm sure this works for some people that they might not have the opportunity to shop every month and receive 5 samples of mascara (hides face in shame).

Thanks so much for stopping by! I was on vacation this week, which is why I was able to post something. Now that I look at it, it is very long. So if you managed to read all my ramblings THANK YOU!!!!